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Con Time! Hope to see many amazing Pony folk at the 1st Whinny City Ponycon! I'll be there with my talented husband and he'll have some of his art (tagged him). He's planning some Pony canvases between getting the baby's room ready. ^_^ I'll also be joined by my incredible friend Aisha at the table. If you're there, check out our vendor table and say hello! :) I'm working on a few new things! See ya there!!! (PS: I'm 8 months pregnant so guess who I will cosplay as?! ^_~ )
Looking forward to Ciderfest coming up! I will be posting new pictures soon, and hope anyone else who is planning on attending will stop by to chat us (my husband & I) up at our table!!! I'm totally looking forward to all the high spirits, costumes, and of course...the friendship. ^_^
 <3 Check out my husband's stuff, linked above! He is going to sell some of his crazy awesome prints, why not!??! He is inspired to make more pony things for BCon, but all about hilarious monsters at the moment. :)

See ya everyone! I'ts my birthday tomorrow, WOOP, and celebrating with several hundred people this weekend!!!
I will be donating a mini hat at Bronycon for the auction. Not just any ol' hat mind you, but the very first mini fluffle puff I ever made, on a hat, with rainbows. Oh, and also it is signed by Mixermike! ^_^
Working hard making lots of things for the con next week! Please come visit me at booth 802 (with my brother, Terrene, Kersplodeface booth). IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! I'll post pictures soon of the mini hats I'm making. ^_^